Softball Bats Cheap

Softball Bats Cheap

Present models of slow-pitch bats include T22C6 (New), Camo 484, Mega Maniac, Maniac 484, Maniac 282, Freak Plus, Freak 98, and Ultra II. Maniac 484, OKC, and M-Pulse would be the present bat that is fast-pitch. All bats are available in different sizes.

Innovation and passion have already been the driving force behind Miken's success. Many believe that Miken's softball bats are the most useful in the softball industry.

Usually, softball bats are constructed of steel, hardwood, or other product authorized by the American Softball Association. Usually, a softball bat weighs around 38 oz. (1kg), having a diameter of 2.25 inches (6 cm) and less than 34 inches (86 cm) of height. Generally, all softball bat manufacturers have to certify their bats with "1.20BTF" and standard BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio).

DeMarini is probably the softball that is leading and it has its very own variety of fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball bats. Fast-pitch bat models include EVO and F2. The EVO model is flex-tuned with an evolution composite barrel and end cap that is vibration-taming. The F2 model is flex-tuned with a double-wall DX-1 alloy barrel. Slow-pitch bat models likewise incorporate EVO and F2. The requirements of EVO model are flex-tuned and half-and-half technology; the specs regarding the F2 model are flex-tuned, doublewall DX-1 alloy barrel, and technology that is half-and-half. All the bats have now been authorized by ASA, USSSA, ISA, and ISF.

A number of fast- and softball that is slow-pitch are available from Miken. Slow-pitch bat models include Maniac 484 and Maniac 585. Features of the Maniac 484 model include E-Flex and Titan Elemental Technologies, 13.5"" barrel, and ASA 2004 and USSSA 1.20 certifications. The requirements for the Maniac 585 model are E-Flex and Titan Elemental Technologies and USSSA 1.20 official certification of 100+ miles per hour. Fast-pitch bat models consist of Maniac 484 and Oklahoma City. The Maniac 484 model features a 10 length-to-weight ratio and ASA 2004 (98mph) and USSSA 1.20 official certification. Specifications of Oklahoma City model are E-Flex technology and ASA 2004 (98mph) and USSSA 1.20 official certification.
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